Artistic Research In social science, agency is defined as the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. (Wikipedia/ Agency (sociology).

What can be more free than the choice to become a spectator of a work of art or not to become one? Showing interest and spend your time listening to or contemplating a work of art or not doing so. This choice of the individual comes without influence, encouragement and therefore is free.
Relying on the fact that all biological species are characterized by sensibility and sensitivity and they respond to external stimulation. I assume that all biological species are capable of responding to an art, if the pieces of art are created taking into account their ways and possibilities of perception.
Based on this, I am conducting an artistic research on the agency of non-human species – ExhibitionsforAnimals.
The ExhibitionsforAnimals is a series of projects of different types of art for non-human species as a spectator. These projects aim to transform the legal status of they.
At the moment, they are have the role of creatures, that means that non-human species exist as long as a people allow them to. Although the “ruler of the world” himself is not able to resist even the smallest of creatures that devour him with no less appetite than he himself devours a chicken for lunch.
By transforming the legal status of non-human species, by recognizing the agency of all biological species, we are approaching the solution of the environmental problems of the planet.


With our artworks, we say that focusing on the human audience is absurd, since we live in a world filled with an innumerable number of biological species.

Man is only one of the representatives of the fauna. We accept the world in all its diversity and reject the concept of human dominance.

Human society must be seen as a part of the ecosystem. We recognize that all biological species have the ability to feel – that is, to react to external influences including art – and we consider unreasonable the refusal to other to participate as the audience.

We descend from the “throne of the king of beasts” because there is no hierarchy of species. A virus invisible to the eye, a bacterium, is stronger than any king. Any representative of a biological species carries in itself salvation, and a threat, and changes to everything on Earth.