Artistic Research

MusicforPigeons explores the agency of birds as spectators - listeners
of musical pieces created specifically and exclusively for birds.
The work of art based on the experiment.

At first, separate sounds of different tonality and timbre were played
to the birds in order to understand which sounds they react to
and which ones they do not pay attention to. Then based on this information,
music was written using sounds of various nature (musical sounds, noises, voices).
The musical composition consists of three parts.

The first part -- sounds that attracted attention of the birds, and made them to flock.
Second part – the sounds that excited them made them listen, freeze
or start spinning on the ground in a dance.
The third, final part – the sounds that were not pleasant to the animals
and made them run away.

The music was created without considering human perception. The research took place in various parks in Moscow.
The process of listening to music by birds was documented on video.
Artistic research took half a year.

Thus, our relatedness with non-human species is manifested not only from the common in biology, but also from the common in agency.
Animals are sensitive to art. And what was previously considered a human privilege (to be receptive to a work of art) must now be seen as a birth-given gift to every living species on our planet.
I think recognizing the right of non-human species to be spectators is a big step towards recognizing relatedness between all biological species.

I invite you to take part in the MusicforPigeons project.
Use the instructions. I am always available for your questions and exchange of opinions.


1. Writing a piece of music. A piece of music here is understood as a piece composed of sounds.
You can use any sounds, auxiliary programs, voices, instruments. People don't have to like it,
you write for birds. Don't forget about licenses
if you're using licensed content.

2. Turn on your piece of music to any bird in any space.

3. Make documentation of this event in any way convenient for you, such asvideo, text, audio with a description
of what is happening, photo, drawing, etc.

4. You can place this Documentation in a post
on this page of the site. Write your name, please.

5. Your Documentation can take part in the exhibition
of the MusicforPigeons project. Your name will be indicated with the note “Performer of the MforP project”.

6. The author of the MforP project can make changes
to your Documentation, such as cuts, speed changes,
titles and other possible post-processing, or not make changesto be shown at the exhibition.

7. The relationship between the Author and the Performer is based on voluntary participation and does not imply financial relationships.

All the diversity of the world is before our eyes, you just need to see it. Use this project as a tool for a better understanding of the world. Let's focus on the process of knowing and accepting the world in all its diversity.

The MusicforPigeons project is part of a ExhibitionsforAnimals project.

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