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The world of a little someone is in his mother.
The child is sure that he and his mother are inseparable, braided and that
they are the one whole. That they look at the world in the same way,
see it and hear it the same way. The child thinks:
"Mom will always be with me, because I will always be with her.
And my mother's world is me, even in a dream my mother does not stop playing with me."
The story from childhood of a little boy of 4 years old.

I'm Matvey. I live with my mother. My mother is sleeping.
She sees me in her dream,
we are playing with her, pretending to be knights.
We will have a fight.
I have a white horse, and she has a bay,
and we have halberds, shields, armor.
I need to wear a helmet. This one for me,
and this one for my mother.
I am jumping quickly-fast, no one can catch me.
Mom, look! You'll be Knight Gottfried, and I'm Arthur.
This is how you hold a shield.
Oh, you don't understand anything! Look. This will be our flag. Attach it to the castle wall.
No, this is not our castle, ours is elsewhere.
There will be a tournament here.
My friend Alefsidr is sitting on the podium.
Now you should gallop from this here.
Well, no, we need to do it together. Come on again.
Now we'll fight with swords.
One, two ... I'll wake up and we finish the game.

The images of My mother's dreams are like frames from the movie we call sleep.
Digital photo, 30 sm x 30 sm